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Q1:  How soon can I receive the sex doll?

A: The total period varies from TPE sex dolls to silicone sex dolls (The Silicone dolls take longer production period). So, the whole time is: TPE dolls: 15-20days around; Silicone dolls: 25-30days around.

Q2: What are your shipment methods?

A: UPS to UK
     FedEx to USA, Canada, Euro and Japan. One week, non-including tax
     UPS prepaid by plane–Including tax.15days at least, Only to Euro countries. 

Q3: Will the delivery disclose my privacy?

A: Absolutely not. our sex dolls are sealed with wood boards and the exterior cartoon will not leave any product information.
So just don’t be worried about the embarrassment of sex doll exposure

Q4: How to hide my sex doll?

A: If you need to find an ideal place to hide your doll, here we list 2 common ways:

1: Use a steel hook to hang your sex doll on the closet rod, it’s better that your closet can be locked on (we can offer a free doll hook, mention it when placing an order)

2. A sofa case with locks, or coded travel cases/Flight cases for daily storage, put it under your bed, or just leave it in a room with cloth covered. Though we sell sex doll cases as accessories, considering the high shipping fee, it may cost you 400-700 USD dollars. So, you can buy it at a local store. 

Q5: Why Silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls?
1. Silicone material is more expensive 
2. Silicone sex doll can work for 5-10years
3. Silicone sex doll needs less maintenance
4. Silicone sex doll is more realistic

Q6. Is TPE sex doll bad? 

A: Absolutely not.
1. Our TPE dolls are silicone head + TPE body, silicone head has great face realism TPE body realism is fine too
2. TPE material is very soft, with comfortable sex experiences
3. A more affordable price tag doesn’t mean poor quality, just designed for people with certain needs 

Q7: What are the differences between Solid Breast, Hollow breast, and Gel breast?

Solid breast:
 Full silicone/full TPE breast. suitable for small breasts, big breasts have a risk of being shaped. Not recommended and few buyers’ choice 
Hollow breast: Soft and jiggly, for big boobs, it’s super real, lifelike which will give you a visual impact. the second choice of buyers
Gel Breast: Filled with soft gel material or TPE material, super similar to human’s breasts. the major choice of buyers

Q8: What is standing feet and shrugged shoulders?

Standing feet: 
The standing feet means the doll can stand normally, so it can strike some poses you know. We insert 3 bolts under the sole to enable this feature (Bolts can be covered if you like), so most buyers will choose this.
Shrugged shoulders: Built-in a different EVO skeleton. Obviously, it’s more flexible than the normal model. The motion of arms is still mechanical, and can’t wave like humans.

Q9: How many doll bodies does Rosretty have?

A: Currently we have 5 body types:

.119cm G-cup, 149cm C-cup, 156cm C-cup, 164cm E-cup, 167cm C-cup, 172cm B-cup,

Q10: How many doll heads does Rosretty have?
A: Now we have 18 different heads (See them here), more heads are on-the-move.  

Q11: Can i match doll heads with doll bodies randomly?

Mostly you can put a head on different bodies. Except the 119cm body is slightly small to match Caucasian heads, other body types are perfect for any heads we have.

Q12: What is the difference between ” half ball eyes, removable full ball eyes, removable full ball eyes with blood shot”?

A: Half ball eyes can’t be moved, that means you can only look into her eyes from a fixed angle
     Removable full ball eyes mean you can adjust her eyes direction, so she can look at you 
     Removable full ball eyes with blood: More realistic, lifelike which will give you special feelings
     Certainly, most users will choose removable eyes. After all, we would like to see a doll close to human beings.

Q13: What is the difference between fixed vaginal and removable vaginal?

Removable vaginal can be taken out, so it is relatively easy to clean up. but you know, that may make your lovely doll less lifelike.
    Fixed vaginal is built-in as it says, of course, we provide vaginal cleansing tools. Still, fixed vaginal is the first choice of users.

Q14: Will clothes stain my doll? How to clean doll clothes?

A: Unfortunately, any coloring clothes will probably stain your doll. Why? the cloth colors are organic matters which are compatible with silicone and TPE, if the clothes come with dark and bright color, very likely, it will stain your doll’s skin. 

So, how to avoid that trouble thing? Just wash and cleansing before putting it on, until the water is clear. and remember to dry clothing up and then you can happily dress your sweet dolls ~ (The basic rule is, dolls can be washed by water, but definitely not organic matters, like oil, colors. Powder regularly and remain dry will greatly help dolls stay in good condition)

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